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Thomas Gallagher is a top-rated Minnesota Defense Lawyer devoted to providing the best defense in every case, with over thirty years experience – located in the Twin Cities.  Ratings and links appear at the bottom of this page.  If any attorney can help solve your legal problem, Gallagher can.
Since 1988, Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher has been defending our Liberty, one person at a time.

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“Liberty means you don’t need to justify your choice, the government must justify its intrusion.”
Thomas C. Gallagher

He is a Minnesota defense attorney experienced helping people with: pre-charge counsel; or, after charges have been filed.  Based in his twin cities office next to the federal courthouse, Gallagher handles Minnesota cases from murder and sex crimes; to felony and misdemeanor assault, domestic assaultwhite-collar crime and theft crime; to marijuana and drug crime charges; to DWI traffic-related homicide cases.  In other words, every type of criminal case.

Fighting for you: Jury trial experience, creativity and tenacity are key.

 on the best outcome, and focus on finding a path to get there — has led to success for Gallagher and the people he helps.  Once you know what your goal is, and map a path to get there, patience and perseverance can win the just result.  Never give up.  Working in Minnesota courts exclusively in criminal defense, Gallagher has a long record of helping his people win.


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The People who retain Gallagher, get the real deal, Gallagher himself – not a substitute or young associate – for personal, professional, expert, caring service.

Thomas Gallagher
 is a recognized expert in crime-related law, consulted by other attorneys.  Legal professionals – judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers – have all referred loved ones to Tom Gallagher for legal help.  Focus on outcome.  A good defense lawyer can make the difference.  The sooner you bring in a criminal defense lawyer to help, the better the end result will tend to be.  If police are asking questions, shut up and lawyer up, quick.  Call (612) 333-1500.


“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.”
– William Hazlitt, English essayist (1778 – 1830)

Types of Criminal Cases:

• Homicide crimesfelony murdermurder cases
   Criminal vehicular homicide (CVH)
• Sex crime charges
• Drug Crime Charges
• Minnesota Marijuana Laws & Defenses
• Federal Court Charges
• Domestic Crime Charges
• Assault Charges
• Theft and Property Crimes
• White Collar Crimes
• Guns Firearms Crimes Defense
• DWI and Driving-Related Legal Problems
• Juvenile Delinquency Cases
• Loss of Property Rights (asset forfeiture) based upon alleged crime
• Pre-Charge Counsel, target counsel, dealing with police, etc.
• Witness Representation, asserting Fifth Amendment, immunity

Innocence is not enough…

“There but for the grace of God, go I:”  When the government targets you – a police investigation or prosecution – the experience is traumatic.  What takes years to build up can be quickly destroyed.  The initial cause could be police incompetence, sloppiness or misconduct; a momentary lapse of judgment – a false witness, an uncorroborated accusation.  Brought in early, a good lawyer can change the course of events.

The courts are a competitive arena.  The police are the government’s soldiers, “targeting” people for destruction, in the name of the law.  Some prosecutors today care more about “winning” than about justice.  When expediency is the government’s top priority – the search for the truth is not.  It’s “fast-food justice.”  Good legal counsel can protect you.

Avoid becoming another statistic:  The conviction rolls are filled with the names of innocent people; conveniently blamed; convicted of crimes they did not do.  When evidence of actual innocence is uncovered later on, courts may find technicalities to refuse to consider it; to refuse to consider that a mistake may have been made.  The United States has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world.  Don’t let it happen to you.  With good legal help, we can fight and you can win.

How could juries, lawyers, judges, courts and police fail us so?
Why are many innocent people wrongfully prosecuted?  Falsely convicted?  According to non-profit justice advocacy group The Innocence Project, common reasons are:

  • Eyewitness Misidentification
  • Unreliable or Limited Science
  • False Confessions
  • Forensic Science Fraud or Misconduct
  • Government Misconduct
  • Informants or Snitches
  • Lack of Good Lawyering

Do you need a good Minnesota Defense Lawyer?

The best attorney is devoted to helping one person, giving that person a voice.  The good defense lawyer does so by using his skill, experience and judgment to fight for that  person – to develop and execute the best defense possible.

The law is a tool.  It is a tool that can be used to help, to hurt, or not at all.  With the right lawyer, you can make it your tool.  The legal system is really just people.  People are not perfect and make mistakes – even sometimes mistakes like believing false accusations.  We can use the law as a tool to help persuade.  We can use the law to show people the truth, the path to justice, the importance of our liberty.

Gallagher has helped many people win their cases, for over twenty-nine years.

Top-rated Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

Thomas Gallagher’s goal is to provide the best defense possible, for every client’s case – to be one of Minneapolis’ best lawyers.  Gallagher has been rated by various organizations to be one of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota (top five to seven percent – links appear below):
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