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Thomas C. Gallagher is a top-rated Minnesota Defense Attorney.  Attorney Gallagher works hard to provide the best defense.   And you benefit from his three decades experience.  Take a look at all the top ratings and five-star reviews, below.

Since 1988, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney Thomas Gallagher has defended our Liberty, one person at a time.  If any attorney can solve your criminal law problem, Thomas Gallagher can.

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

“Liberty means you don’t need to justify your choice.
Liberty means
the government must justify its intrusion.” 
Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher

Based in his new Uptown Minneapolis law office, Gallagher‘s cases range from traffic violations to murder.  In other words, Gallagher helps people in every type of criminal case.

Fighting for you: Jury trial experience, creativity and tenacity

Focus on the best outcome.  And then find a way to get there.

Above all, never give up.  This approach has led to success for Attorney Gallagher and his clients.

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The People who hire Tom Gallagher, get Tom Gallagher himself — the real deal.  He  won’t pass you  off to a substitute attorney, young associate or paralegal, like some other firms do.  With Gallagher as your lawyer, you receive personal, professional, caring service.

Thomas Gallagher is a recognized expert in criminal law, teaching and consulted by other attorneys.  And legal professionals – judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers – all refer their loved ones to Tom Gallagher for caring, effective help.  So, be sure to mention your referral source.

Statute of Liberty

“The love of liberty is the love of others;
the love of power is the love of ourselves.”

– William Hazlitt, English essayist (1778 – 1830)

A good defense lawyer makes a big difference.  And the sooner you bring in Gallagher to help, the more he can do for you.

So if police ask you questions, shut up and lawyer up.  Call Gallagher at 612 333-1500

Types of Criminal Cases:

“There but for the grace of God, go I”
Three men, three crosses

When the government targets you the experience is traumatic.  Then, what takes years to build up, can soon be destroyed.

It can begin with police incompetence, sloppiness or misconduct; a momentary lapse of judgment.  A false witness, or an uncorroborated accusation can get the ball rolling the wrong way.

But brought in early, a good lawyer can change the course of events.

The courts are a competitive arena.  And the police are the government’s soldiers, “targeting” people for destruction, in the name of the law.  Some prosecutors today have lost their way.  Because they care about winning more than about truth or justice.

When the government’s top priority is expediency – the search for the truth is not.  It’s “fast-food justice:” quick, dirty, and wrong.

But good legal counsel can protect you.

Do you need a good Minnesota Defense Attorney?

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

The best attorney devotes himself to helping one person.  You.

We give you a voice.  A good defense lawyer does this by using his skill, experience and judgment. We fight for one person.  And we develop and execute the best defense possible.

Remember, the law is a tool.  Like all tools, we can use the law to help, to hurt, or not at all.  And with the right lawyer, you can make the law your tool.

After all, the legal system is really just people.

And people are not perfect.  So, they make mistakes – sometimes even mistakes like believing false accusations.

We can use the law as a tool to help persuade.  And we can use the law to help show people the truth, the path to justice, the value of liberty.

Gallagher helps his people win their cases.

Best-rated Minnesota Defense Attorney

Thomas Gallagher’s goal is to provide the best defense for every client – to be one of Minnesota’s best defense lawyers.  In addition to five-star reviews (bottom of page), Gallagher is rated one of the best criminal lawyers in Minnesota:

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