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Is the solution to alcohol-related auto injury accidents extremely severe penalties?  We have a mountain of evidence that says, no — it is not the answer.  (What about better public transit, and free chemical dependency treatment for addicts?)  Apart from the public policy question, what about a practical one.

What should be done if arrested and charged with a Minnesota Felony DWI?
The answer is simple.  Find, retain and seek counsel from the best Minnesota Felony DWI defense attorney.  Gallagher is one of the best Minnesota Felony DWI Lawyers.  Gallagher knows what to do, and can explain it to you.

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Relatively recent in origin, the Minnesota Felony DWI Statute is Minnesota Statutes Section 169A.24 “First-degree driving while impaired.”  It provides for a seven-year maximum prison sentence.

The Mandatory Minimum sentencing statute for Minnesota felony DWI convictions is at Minnesota Statutes Section 169A.276 “Mandatory penalties; felony violations.”  It tells a judge to sentence a minimum of three years prison for felony DWI (first-degree).  It does provide for alternatives a judge can order, but these are stringent as well.

270_050211_5303_1199_jslsIssues in Minnesota Felony DWI Defense

Common issues in these cases include avoiding or mitigating:

  • Prison time (as opposed to workhouse or county jail time)
  • Executed workhouse – county jail time
  • Felony Criminal Record
  • Pre-trial release; Bail
  • Car Forfeiture
  • Plate Impoundments
  • Drivers License Revocations; implied consent law and B-Card no-use restrictions

Most arrested on suspicion of DUI are aware of the court date in the criminal case, but are not aware that the Minnesota drivers license revocation must be challenged in 30 days or less by service and filing in court, a Petition for Judicial Review.  A Minnesota DWI Plate Impoundment must be challenged within 30 days also.  DWI Vehicle Forfeitures are normally administrative and must be challenged within 60 days as specified in the statute.  The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that these deadlines are jurisdictional (no exceptions).  Therefore, a person arrested for DWI should seek legal counsel from a good Minnesota DWI lawyer right away. (Do not wait until the court date in the Minnesota Felony DWI criminal case approaches to do so.)

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