Immigration Law Consequences of Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense for Non-Citizens
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

Criminal prosecution or conviction can have serious consequences for residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul and greater Minnesota who are not U.S. citizens. You could face:

  • Deportation (Removal),
  • Denial of Naturalization, and-or suffer a
  • Bar to Re-Entry,
  • Other, such as renewal and upgrade problems,

if your criminal defense case is not handled properly by a lawyer experienced in preventing immigration problems by managing the criminal case in the best way.

Statue of Liberty cropEven if you are a Permanent Resident you can be removed or deported as the result of a criminal charge.

Do not let this happen to you. The best way to prevent criminal-law related immigration problems is to prevent them by getting the triggering result in the criminal case, first, before it is too late.

Attorney Gallagher has been successful in doing this for his people for many years.

Attorney Thomas Gallagher has represented many non-citizens accused of committing crimes in Minnesota, over his 30 years of experience in criminal law, and has taught other lawyers how to avoid immigration law problems by best handling the criminal case. Generally his clients also consult an immigration lawyer, who works with Gallagher.

It is essential that the criminal defense lawyer have a working knowledge of immigration law issues and consequences, and be able to work with a client’s immigration lawyer as well, in order to achieve the best possible outcome in a given case.

Gallagher Criminal Defense Services offers up to one-half hour free initial consultation to discuss how he can help you avoid a difficult immigration case by managing the criminal case properly.  Call 612 333-1500

Examples of Minnesota criminal charges that can trigger immigration law consequences such as deportation include:

  • Domestic Assault, whether misdemeanor or felony level;
  • Federally defined “aggravated felony” (which can include non-felonies), including many Minnesota,
  • gun and firearm related crimes;
  • drug crimes, including marijuana offenses;
  • sex crimes;
  • “Crimes of Moral Turpitude,” such as,
  • Shoplifting and theft;
  • Prostitution

Minnesota Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has represented non-citizen clients from the following groups:

Avoid ICE Arrest
Avoid ICE Arrest













Question about avoiding immigration consequences by defending a Minnesota criminal charge?  You can call Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher at 612 333-1500