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In criminal defense, federal court is a challenging place.  Federal criminal lawyers are faced with defending their people in a court where the “Constitutional right” to a trial is but a shadow of what a meaningful right to jury trial once was.  In practice, federal defense attorneys must advise the People they represent that with the federal sentencing guidelines and often mandatory minimum sentencing statutes, a trial tax has been made explicit, and institutionalized as part of the federal criminal law.  Any person facing federal charges who dares to exercise their now limited “right” to trial, can expect a much more severe prison sentence if they do not win the trial.

Federal defense attorneys must be adept at dealing with not only the federal sentencing guidelines; but also the numerous, draconian mandatory minimum sentencing statutes which distort and destroy the common law principal that “the punishment should fit the crime.”  Federal lawyers must work to identify key facts which can help the People represented avoid mandatory minimums and minimize the potential hazards in the federal sentencing guidelines.  Prison sentences in federal court tend to be severe, cruel and unusual.

This makes it even more important to do what can be done to defend accused People from the government’s power.  Federal criminal defense is serious, with serious consequences at stake – not only for the accused but the family and dependents of the accused.  Part of this effort involves educating the accused person, and their supporters.  It is essential to understand the federal court process as well as what is stake, and what can be done about it.  Thomas C Gallagher works hard to do this effectively.

Traditionally in the United States, criminal law has been a State court matter with few exceptions.  Over the years, the federal government has been able to expand its national power, including the exercise of its ultimate domestic power – the criminal prosecution and taking of life and liberty of those it deems to be “criminal.”  While the federal government has greatly expanded its criminal prosecution in the State of Minnesota, the vast majority of “crimes” prosecuted in Minnesota yet remain in State Court.

Of the cases prosecuted in Minnesota district federal court, if we compare them to those prosecuted in state court we can make the following general observations about the federal court cases:

  1. Federal court criminal cases tend to be more serious felony crimes, if not in the conduct prohibited then at least in terms of consequences.
  2. Some federal cases are of the less serious variety, due to jurisdictional quirks – such as Indian Reservations or federal lands.

In addition, we can see that certain types of criminal charges are more likely to be prosecuted in federal court:

  • White Collar crimes, such as alleged violations of vague federal statutes and administrative rules, and larger embezzlement, fraud, and theft cases.  When it comes to white collar criminal defense, good help from a white collar crime attorney is essential.
  • Certain drug crimes, especially larger, alleged drug crime conspiracy cases, drug trafficking, drug importation and distribution.  Among federal drug charges, smaller drug cases are rare in federal court, though many People with minor roles in alleged conspiracies get dragged into federal court, as well as small drug possession cases from federal jurisdictions.  Federal drug lawyers can make a big difference in these cases.
  • Certain sex crimes, especially larger child porn charges, computer sex crimes, and internet sex-with-minor charges.
  • Bank robbery.

Federal Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher, of GALLAGHER CRIMINAL DEFENSE, has over thirty years of experience.  Federal criminal attorneys can make a difference, and provide needed help to People targeted by the government.  Gallagher works hard, and strives to be the best criminal attorney he can be.  Gallagher is an experienced criminal defense attorney, who has worked on high-profile criminal cases.  He has been rated as one of the top criminal lawyers in Minnesota, by Martindale-Hubbell (peer reviewed, top “AV rated” attorney), and avvo.com (10 out of 10 “superb” criminal lawyer).

Gallagher Criminal Defense (right) next to Minneapolis Federal Courthouse (left)
Gallagher Criminal Defense (right) next to Minneapolis Federal Courthouse (left)

If you are a target of a federal criminal investigation, grand jury indictment, or have been charged with a federal crime, give Federal Criminal Attorney Thomas Gallagher a call to make an appointment for an office case evaluation at his law office located next to the federal courthouse in downtown Minneapolis.  Call 612-333-1500.