Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Homicide | Vehicular Manslaughter

218_000801_0043_0002_tsls (1)Criminal Vehicular Homicide crime, Minnesota Statutes §609.21, generally:

  • Death of another person, and:
  • As a result of operating a motor vehicle:
  • Grossly Negligent Act; or
  • Simple Negligence plus DWI or Hit-and-Run.

Legal Defenses may include:

  • Accident without negligence or gross negligence
  • Intent Defenses
  • Causation (Another driver; equipment failure, etc.)
  • Involuntary Intoxication
  • Identity

Criminal Vehicular Homicide Defense Lawyers must mount the best defense under the circumstances.  The consequences of a conviction are severe.  Gallagher works to collect facts, from the government and from investigators; then analyzes the facts to determine the best available defense theory.

Thomas Gallagher works tirelessly to reveal the truth, and protect the liberty and name of his People.  Being a Criminal Vehicular Homicide Lawyer is a great responsibility that Gallagher takes seriously.  Criminal Vehicular Homicide Attorneys must have adequate resources to marshal the best legal defense.