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Drug Crimes

Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorney

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has experience defending marijuana and Controlled Substance cases. And he has more than three decades of this experience in Minnesota’s state and federal courts.  So now you can benefit from his expertise.

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Legal reform advocate

And for decades, Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has been an advocate of law reform.  And he has helped both Minnesota and national legalization advocacy organizations and political parties.

He is a NORML Legal Committee member Attorney. And Attorney Thomas Gallagher serves on the Board of Directors of Minnesota NORML.

Every type of drug case – Minnesota state & federal court

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher handles every type of drug defense case.  And these include:

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Drug Defense Attorney

An experienced Minneapolis drug defense attorney, drug cases are a big part of Gallagher’s practice.  And many view Thomas Gallagher as one of the best drug lawyers in Minnesota.

In addition, Thomas Gallagher has handles many state court, Minnesota controlled substance cases. 

Smaller cases, too

And Attorney Thomas Gallagher also helps people facing smaller cases:

Types of illegal drugs

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher’s cases involve every type of “controlled substance.” 

And they range from plants like cannabis and khat (qat); to pharmaceuticals; to “hard” street drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription opiates, and heroin.

NORML Legal Committee Member Thomas Gallagher

In addition to defending clients from unjust laws; Thomas Gallagher is a decades-long legalization advocate.  And he is a founding Board Member of Minnesota NORML, since 2011.

How Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher can help

From his Uptown Minneapolis law office, Thomas Gallagher helps people. And he helps people in danger of police investigations, drug task force targeting, search warrants.  So he helps people solve problems of vehicle forfeiture, arrest, pre-trial release, and mandatory minimum sentencing.

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher helps clients with pre-charge counsel, assertion of 5th Amendment right to silence, immunity, advice. 

And Attorney Thomas Gallagher provides tough, thorough, relentless representation against criminal charges.

Defending Liberty, Justice & the American Way: the Supreme Law of the Land

So how can a drug defense attorney help people now?

For people with no prior record, often the goal becomes to keep the record clean.

But for those with prior convictions, avoiding or minimizing jail or prison time is often key.  So we must defend against mandatory minimum sentencing statutes and severe Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.

Pretrial Motions

Pretrial motions to suppress evidence illegally obtained by police is of vital importance in drug cases.  And the most common of these include:

  • Motions to Suppress Involuntary Statements and Confessions
  • Motions to Suppress Statements in Violation of Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)
  • Motions to Suppress Confessions in Violation of Right to Legal Counsel
  • Illegal Search Warrant Suppression Motions 
  • Motions to Suppress Evidence Obtained by an Illegal Warrantless Search, including persons, bodily fluids, cavity searches, automobiles, homes, buildings

Why Thomas C. Gallagher is the one

Most criminal lawyers near you can adequately defend a drug case.  And who knows, maybe that’s good enough for other people.

You need the best

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda
Drug Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher, Minnesota Capitol 4/20

Attorney Thomas Gallagher defends good people against bad laws.

But let’s face it.  This is you were talking about here. 

And you only have one chance to get it right.  So you deserve the best drug defense attorney.

You should have the best drug crime defense attorney Minnesota has to offer.  That’s who you should be looking for.

And few in Minnesota are the best.  Thomas C. Gallagher is among them.  Why?

Deep, long experience as a Drug Defense Attorney

Drug Defense Attorney Thomas C Gallagher has successfully defended people from drug-related criminal charges in Minnesota since 1988.  And that’s more than 30 years of expert success.

Thomas Gallagher has experience using defense experts to analyze forensic evidence of drug identity and quantity.  And most of his cases involve drug crime investigators, detectives, paid informants, illegal electronic surveillance, and multi-jurisdictional drug task forces.

Best reviews and ratings

Client reviews, such as at the bottom of this page, are consistently five-star reviews.  And ratings based on surveys of lawyers and judges aware of Thomas Gallagher’s work are also the best ratings available.  So you can see those for yourself.

And as a bonus, he’s a decades long NORML Legal Committee Attorney member; connected to the best marijuana lawyers across the USA.

Demonstrated ability

This website has several pages of in-depth content about Minnesota drug laws and defense.  This is the gateway page to dozens on this topic.

And Thomas Gallagher publishes cutting edge articles on his Minneapolis Criminal Law Blog, about drug laws.

For decades, bar associations and Continuing Legal Education providers have asked Attorney Thomas Gallagher to teach. And he has taught other lawyers, judges and police officers on criminal laws topics.

Track record of success for clients

For decades, Attorney Thomas Gallagher has helped clients:

  • avoid a conviction record,
  • avoid prison,
  • get dismissal of charges , and
  • get not-guilty verdicts after a jury trial.

What about you?

Is Thomas C. Gallagher the drug crime defense attorney you want representing you?

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