How can Gallagher Criminal Defense help solve your Minnesota criminal law problem?

If you have a Minnesota criminal law problem, Thomas C. Gallagher can help.

You’re not charged with a crime, but …

Thomas Gallagher explains Minnesota Criminal Law
Thomas Gallagher explains Minnesota Criminal Law

Sometimes people realize they may have a criminal law problem or question on their hands.

What is the solution?  Call Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher.

Gallagher helps clients with:

You’ve been charged with a crime in Minnesota state or federal court

Thomas C. Gallagher defends clients in the state and federal courts in Minnesota.  Because most criminal law cases in Minnesota are in state court, most of the content on this website is about Minnesota state cases.  Here is our main page on federal criminal defense in Minnesota.

Specific criminal charges

You can learn a lot about specific types of criminal law cases on this site.  Here are some of the more popular:


Many defenses apply to every type of criminal law charge.  But some are specific to particular types of cases.  Others are special types of defenses.  We discuss many defenses on our criminal offense pages.  For more specific types of defenses, check out our Minnesota criminal defenses page, and pages under it.

Information is power

We believe that the best defense begins with you, and your lawyer.  Information is power.  Gallagher Criminal Defense Minneapolis is here to empower you.

There is a lot of valuable information here on this site about Minnesota criminal law.  And Gallagher’s related sites give you even more.  Check out the in-depth articles on his blog Minneapolis Criminal Law NewsThis information can help you avoid big problems.

Your criminal defense lawyer as a force-multiplier

Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Minneapolis Criminal Attorney

You may have a Minnesota criminal law question or want to hire a good criminal defense lawyer.  If you do, you can call Minneapolis criminal lawyer Thomas Gallagher at 612 333-1500.

When you call, you’ll find that personal, caring service begins immediately.  He’ll talk to you in person.  He won’t screen your call with a receptionist or answering service.  And when you hire him as your defense attorney, you’ll get Thomas C. Gallagher.  You won’t get passed off to a young associate attorney or paralegal.

So what are you waiting for?  Give him call.