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Thomas C Gallagher, Federal Crimes Defense Attorney in Minneapolis
Thomas C Gallagher, Federal Defense Attorney in Minneapolis

If you have reason to believe that you are a target of a federal law enforcement investigation – stop any contact with investigators.  And contact a federal criminal defense attorney in Minnesota right away.

If you’ve received a target letter from the Untied States Attorneys Office, before you do anything else, retain a good federal criminal defense attorney for pre-charge counsel.

Prevention is more powerful than cure:  A defense attorney can help you more with early involvement.

Sometimes we can avoid charges.  Other times, you can mitigate them with competent defense counsel.

Grand Jury

If the United States Attorney’s Office has subpoenaed you to appear before a federal Grand Jury, you need good legal advice and representation from an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.


If charged with a federal crime, the court will arrest or summon you to federal court.  If you don’t already have a lawyer retained at that point, you need to hire a federal criminal defense attorney.  A good federal attorney can make a huge difference in how your case turns out.

In the beginning

You have a legal problem.  We can solve it.  It’s that simple.  But how to we begin?

It begins with a phone call.  You call Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas C. Gallagher to discuss your situation.  And if warranted, we can set up an office appointment.

The first things we need to understand are:

  • the specific charges, including statute numbers
  • the maximum penalties for those charged statutes
  • any applicable mandatory minimum sentencing statutes
  • the presumptive sentence under the federal courts sentencing guidelines

That will help us define the outer boundary of the worst case scenario.  We can quickly find these from the information in the Indictment.  Be sure to bring a copy.

Next, we will explore potential defenses.  Some defenses relate to the type of crime charged.  And some relate to the facts claimed in the indictment.  Other defenses have to do with the person accused.  Still others are grounds for sentencing motions.

Working up the defense case

After you hire Gallagher as your federal criminal defense attorney, he will gather available evidence.  The government will disclose evidence in pre-trial discovery.  And we will explore other available evidence that could help you.

Types of criminal cases in federal court

White-Collar crimes:  So-called white-collar crimes are crimes involving alleged violations of federal statutes and administrative rules, such as embezzlement, fraud, and theft cases.

Drug crimes:  Federal prosecutors tend to charge bigger drug crime conspiracy, drug trafficking, drug importation and distribution cases.  Among federal drug charges, smaller drug cases are rare in federal court, though many People with minor roles in alleged conspiracies get dragged into federal court, as well as small drug possession cases from federal jurisdictions.  Federal drug lawyers can make a big difference in these cases.

Sex crimes:  The United States Attorney’s Office charges larger child porn charges, computer sex crimes, and internet sex-with-minor charges.

Bank robbery:  One of the first areas of federal criminal prosecution, they still prosecute bank robbers in federal court.

Why Gallagher for the Defense of your federal criminal case?

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher has over thirty years of experience in Minneapolis federal court.  He can help you defend your federal criminal case.

Gallagher Criminal Defense 35th Street -direct entry
Gallagher Criminal Defense 35th Street -direct entry

Gallagher works hard to be the best defense attorney; to win your case.  Gallagher has worked on high-profile criminal cases.  He is rated one of the top criminal lawyers in Minnesota by clients, judges and lawyers.

Have a question or a case? Give a call to Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas Gallagher. 

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