Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Homicide | Vehicular Manslaughter

view down the road from vehicleCriminal Vehicular Homicide crime, Minnesota Statutes §609.21, generally:

  • Death of another person, and:
  • As a result of operating a motor vehicle:
  • Grossly Negligent Act; or
  • Simple Negligence plus DWI or Hit-and-Run.

Legal Defenses may include:

  • Accident without negligence or gross negligence
  • Intent Defenses
  • Causation (Another driver; equipment failure, etc.)
  • Involuntary Intoxication
  • Identity

Criminal Vehicular Homicide Defense Lawyers must mount the best defense under the circumstances.  The consequences of a conviction are severe.  Gallagher works to collect facts, from the client, the government and from investigators; then analyzes the facts to determine the best available defense theory.

Sometimes an Accident Reconstructionist expert can be helpful in investigating the facts as well as arriving at a deeper understanding of what caused the accident — both as an aid to the defense attorney, and at trial as an expert witness.  Other types of experts can also be helpful in these cases, for example an expert on alcohol toxicology and chemical testing processes.

Thomas Gallagher works tirelessly to reveal the truth, and protect the liberty and name of his People.  Being a Criminal Vehicular Homicide Lawyer is a great responsibility that Gallagher takes seriously.  Criminal Vehicular Homicide Attorneys must have adequate resources to marshal the best legal defense.

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